So, you're thinking about your dental practice website...

Think about this for a second, is your practice website just a glorified online advert? Or does it inform, educate, build relationships and enable you to help more people with their dental health?

There are a few key components to having a great website

How many of these are OK on your website?

  • Great artistic design to build your brand and demonstrate professionalism
  • Great web copy (text) to engage visitors and encourage them to contact you
  • Superb search engine optimisation and PPC campaigns to get your business website found
  • An easy to navigate website that leads people gently around to the places they want in the least number of clicks
  • Regularly updated content that genuinely helps the local people with their dental health
  • Engaging content that peopel want to share, especially on the social networks

Many dentists fall in to the trap of wanting just a beautiful website

A beautiful website alone will not do anything for your practice, you MUST have all the components listed above.

This is a key point: Simply having a sexy website is useless if the search engines can't find it and it doesn't DO anything other than look good.

Remember now, I am a fully registered and qualified dental professional (GDC 114147), so I understand fully the dental terminology and techniques you are trying to explain on your website - if you use a non-dental expert to write your website copy they won't have this deep level of understanding about what it is you are trying to say and your content may lose meaning.

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Great Web Copy

Writing good copy is vital to ensuring your website is performing well for you, there are many techniques that my marketing system uses to rewrite the text on your website to make it more compelling without removing the 'technical dental' content, including:

  • Rephrasing sentences so your website is about the patient, not about you
  • Using questions to stimulate thought
  • Embedding 'calls to action' in a subtle way to ensure people call, email or fill in a web form
  • Using semantics to re-inforce important aspects of a sentence
  • Structuring the page to make it easier to read
  • The use of sentences to build rapport quickly, and therefore trust
  • The timely use of key words to ensure your search engine optimisation is effective

As you read this page now, notice the words and copy of your own website...

  • Are they all about YOU?- your dental practice website should be about your patients and not about you, look at your paragraphs- how many start with 'we'? Lots? Then re-write those paragraphs to be about the patient not you!
  • Do you have powerful 'calls to action'?- so many dental practices miss this out, do you tell your website visitors what you want them to do next?
  • Have you explicitly made an attempt to build rapport in the first few sentences? - the simple fact is we only buy from people we like, so you need to engage with your readers at an early point.

Great dental website copy will either make or break your website, so have you left it to chance that your website copy works? If you have then give me a call on 0845 259 1232 or email me your web address and I'll review it for you for free, no obligation just a free review of your website.

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