E-Mail Marketing

e-mail marketing is one of the single most effective means by which you can build relationships with your patients.

... isn't e-mail annoying?

e-mail marketing done wrong is annoying, done correctly it is extremely powerful.

Think about it, one of the reasons that e-mail can be annoying is because it invades our personal space and is direct with its approach. It's a powerful communication tool, but if abused is annoying.

Now think about an e-mail that you have wanted to receive in the past, perhaps an e-mail that contained some information that would help you with a medical problem or resolve some other issue for you. You want to receive that e-mail, indeed you are looking out for it. THIS is the e-mail marketing I'm talking about.

Emails that people want to receive


Not every patient that visit your website is ready to request an appointment, some people are still in the information gathering stage of their decision-making process. Offering these people a free guide which answers their questions and educates them about their options works perfectly here. Offering a free guide in exchange for an e-mail address allows the patient to receive the information they want and asked to drop them into a very gentle and ongoing relationship building e-mail campaign where we answer their questions and provide information about solutions to the problem.